Respect for our neighbours and the environment
Thinking and acting ecologically
As a hen processing company we are conscious of our ecological footprint. Primarily, we try to avoid waste by the efficient use of raw materials, energy and water. We are also committed to a pro-active environmental policy, where we invest in the protection of people, nature and the environment.

All offal is completely and immediately processed on site into high-quality secondary raw materials for pet food, animal feed, fertilizer, fermentation, etc … This production is F.C.A. (Feed Chain Alliance) certified.

All waste water is purified in our own plant by thorough physical, chemical, and biological treatment. A significant volume is recovered and recycled, and some is discharged into surface water.

Odour vapours that come free when processing offal are efficiently extracted and purified using a biological air filter.

The heat that is released during the production processes is recovered using an innovative system. This provides us with the hot water that is used for processing, cleaning and heating.

We work to achieve the best possible energy efficiency. We voluntarily joined the energy policy agreement in Flanders. We saw our energy consumption decrease by 16 %.

We no longer use the classic waste container. All types of waste are thoroughly sorted, recycled and recovered.

As a participant of the VOKA Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship, we proactively contribute to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) of the UN. Our efforts are based on a specific action plan, which we use to shape our sustainable ambitions.